Swatched: BH Cosmetics Metallic Liquid Lipstick

Confession: I’m on a no-buy (or at least as close as I can get to not buying lol) lately because my makeup stash is just getting out of control (a huge surprise I’m sure 😛 ). So, I gave myself a mission to swatch/review things I have in my stash. This way I’ll feel like my hoarding has more of a purpose! (Yes, please just let me fool myself a little here…) 😀

Today I am sharing swatches of my BH Cosmetics Metallic Liquid Lipsticks collection. I’m most impressed by how this formula stays in place once dried and is seriously transfer proof! You do need to apply two layers to achieve full opacity, but I put it on and don’t have to worry about reapplying until my next meal 🙂 At $7.99 USD each these metallic lippies perform well at a great price, especially if you get them during a sale!

BH Cosmetics Metallic Liquid Lipstick Swatches Lovey Amber Esmeralda Lucy Lucinda

What do you think, any color(s) pique your interest?

xo, A



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Review: Kiko Milano Unlimited Stylo Lipstick

I really wanted to like this lipstick, I did. In store, the Unlimited Stylo’s sleek lipstick bullet and beautiful colors caught my eye and looked so promising when I swatched on my hand. They glided on my hand so smoothly ::swoon:: and had that nice powdery soft matte finish. So I excitedly bought two – in #01 Rosy Nude (a dusty pink nude) and #12 Orchid Violet (a medium magenta purple).

When I tried them on my lips at home I was shocked (and not in a good way). This lipstick unfortunately applies chalky, especially in #01 Rosy Nude. It settles between my lip lines and does not apply evenly. I kept swiping back and forth but could not seem to get it to an even application. I really had to resist the urge to press my lips together when applying because each time I did the pigment would transfer and move around. Only after the lipstick dried was I able to press my lips together with no consequences. Not sure if you can tell from the photos below (if not then great! I can have people fooled lol), but I just feel like the patchiness is obvious so I worry about wearing this one outside.

Swatch Kiko Milano Unlimited Stylo Lipstick #01 Rosy Nude

Wearing #01 Rosy Nude

Swatch Kiko Milano Unlimited Stylo Lipstick #01 Rosy Nude #12 Orchid Violet

#12 Orchid Violet was another gorgeous color that sadly applied chalky – at least with a few swipes this one attains opacity BUT the texture of this lippie in general is very dry, making my lips look prune-y and really accentuates the dry skin/flakes on my lips. Once on the formula fully dries and doesn’t transfer easily, but it feels as dry (and sometimes I think the dryness might even be visible to others). If you’ve ever dusted powder makeup on your lips you’d know how this feels, and it’s not comfortable.

Swatch Kiko Milano Unlimited Stylo Lipstick #12 Orchid Violet

Wearing #12 Orchid Violet

To combat the dryness of this formula I tried putting lip balm underneath first, which I am happy to report made #12 Orchid Violet much more comfortable to wear (thank goodness because I’d been looking for a color like this as a dupe to replace one of my limited edition lippies)! Unfortunately the lip balm trick did not work for #01 Rosy Nude since the balm made it too slippery for this nude shade to stick, making it even more patchy. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all!
In terms of wear time, I can’t speak to #01 Rosy Nude since I’ve never worn it out. However #12 Orchid Violet had good longevity and left behind a pretty pink stain. I think I only had to reapply after a meal.

Overall I really wanted to love this lippie because of the pretty colors but unfortunately the formula fell short. I’m glad I was able to make one of them work with a little workaround but in hindsight, this product would be a pass for me.

I’m interesting in hearing others’ thoughts on these lippies! Have you tried any Unlimited Stylo lippies from Kiko Milano? If so, what did you think of them?